Can I Go To Jail For Evading Taxes

  • Tax is a statutory duty owed to the government.
  • It’s a criminal offence to evade taxes in Nigeria.
  • Tax evasion is the willful omission or refusal to pay taxes as required in Nigeria.
  • For example, where you falsify tax returns, failure to file tax returns, etc.
  • Where allegations of tax evasion are brought against you and you are found guilty, you may be prosecuted in a court of law and sentenced accordingly.
  • By virtue of the provisions of the FIRS Act 2007, failure to pay taxes in Nigeria attracts a jail term of not more than three years.
  • Apparently, one can be jailed for tax evasion in Nigeria pursuant to a court prosecution.
  • Conclusively, you might want to engage quality tax advisory to ensure you do not flout the tax laws and go to jail.


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